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Monday, November 27, 2006

Note to BFF -

I'm pissed. Got a sorta half ass apology but it just ticked me off more.

I need some whisky!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

Somebody is insisting that I write something, but I really just don't have anything to say today so if this is dull & tremendously boring, it's not my fault:)

We're going to the Lego store tonight after work to check out what we HAVE TO buy on Black Friday for A's Lego store. For all your Lego purchases right from your very own living room - order here! Might as well plug huh?

My girl's being a real pill lately and A's getting majorly frustrated. He came from an Army family and his dad was a pastor and they (A & his younger brother) were disciplined with spankings and a paddle or belt. We on the other hand were never disciplined, maybe yelled at every once in awhile, or we'd get our arm grabbed tight enough to leave a mark but that was really about it. We were pretty good kids but I'm sure we coulda used more rules, boundaries, and punishments than we got. So when it comes to my girl, I do timeouts (which she's now outgrown) and take important things away like TV or play dates. But since the move she's been acting out and I find myself wanting to ring her neck. I know there must be moments when A wishes he had a paddle to use.

She loves A and is glad for the move-in and family feel we all have now, but I also know that even though she's not articulating it, this is scary for her. She now does not have me all to herself and she has 2 grownups telling her what to do all the time. The worst is when I tell her one thing and he tells her another 2 seconds later or sometimes we do it over each other without realizing it and then we don't know what to do. She'll ask a question and we'll both answer at the same time with 2 completely contradicting answers. Who should she listen to? Confusing!

So we're talking now about creating house rules and disciplinary actions so that we can be consistent and remain a strong front. This joint parenting thing is hard. I remember struggling with it w/my Ex. but it's been so long since I've had to consider another persons ideas on how to handle her that I'm kinda at a loss. Hopefully it'll all come together before she's ruling the roost!

Wish us luck on the Lego purchases we make this Friday. And pray we are in front of the lines and not in back:)

Friday, November 10, 2006

I think I'm becoming a bitch & other fun facts about me!

I have been just terrible since the move. And by terrible I mean lots of things.

  • I've felt terrible (have had a migraine about once a day if not twice every day for the past week)
  • am tired and physically exhausted every. single. day. to the point that by the time I finally get home to enjoy my new place and my loved ones, I can't cuz I'm too damn tired and bitchy
  • am about to kill our cats for waking us up every. single. night. at least 5 times a night (anyone know any good training/disciplinary actions for cats???)
  • am griping at A for all kinds of things including him not answering his phone when I wanted to talk to him - lame!
  • and am going to get tested next week for Celiac Disease - which may be why I have been physically suffering for so long and partly why I have been so exhausted and crabby.

A few other thoughts...

My BFF is amazing me everyday with her writing and the hurtles she manages to leap over all day long every day 24/7. She's talented and a genius and a supermom and a totally in tune human being and a wonderful, insightful best friend. She listens to me gripe about my little inconveniences in my life and doesn't ever yell "Hey dummy! Get a clue! Your life's easy compared to mine!!" You have to check out her blog - She tells stories wonderfully and also shares a lot about her life and her son's health battles and achievements.

I've been reading this - which is incredibly inspiring. I've even made up my own little grrl genius jingle that I sing to myself when I need the motivation or distraction from the pity party I've been throwing myself lately. The author, Cathryn Michon, has an awesome blog I read daily. Check it out -

K, think that's all I got for now....