LoLo's Loft

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Shift

Things are going along wonderfully right now. I don't know if there was a shift in the universe or a shift in me, or in the seasons, or what exactly shifted, but whatever it was, it shifted and shifted for the better. Our home life has been very smooth (well the puppy still acts up, but we're coping much better with her now), and work is going good (still not my dream job but I'm good at it and it works for now), and my little one and A are getting along much better now. There was a major transition period for all of us that took some time to get thru and sort it out and I don't know why I didn't realize it would be difficult for a time, but that it was only natural and it would eventually pass.... but I get it now. And boy am I glad it's passed!

My bff gave me The Secret for my b-day/x-mas gift (also some books that look very intriguing). I watched it the other night since I got home before A and knew he may not be interested in it (thing is, he was very interested when I started explaining it to him & wants to watch it too). I got it, and the funny thing is, although I'd been in a very negative place for some time now, I recognized most of what they were teaching but you know who from? Jippy, because she has been telling me those very same things about attracting the negative or positive into your life by what you're focusing on. She's had this concept/philosophy down way before it became known as "The Secret". She's so smart!

Anyhow, now that something has shifted for us. Life feels good again. There are still little glitches that we have to deal with on a daily basis but we're dealing and in a good way.

Thanks God, Universe, Great Spirit, and Jippy!