LoLo's Loft

Friday, September 22, 2006

Some of My Lyrics...

it's a long, long way between you and me
the gap between you and me
it's a far, far cry from being free
the bond between you and me
it's a strong, strong tie that they see
the look between you and me

but when it's all said and done
there's nothing to see
the spectacle lost it's appeal
the curtains came down on me

and it's a hard, hard find, the dream that I see
the life between you and me
it's a sad, sad tale that they take from me
the song between you and me

it's a fine, fine time to make believe
the love between you and me

but when it's all said and done
there's nothing to see
the spectacle lost it's appeal
the curtains came down on me
but the show must go on
so you smile at me
places are taken on stage
the lights fade up, come see
cause it's only me, it's only me
it's only me, it's only me.


Friday, September 15, 2006

The Change

There's been a sudden and delightful change in the weather here in Southern California. It went from 100+ degree temperatures, bright & sunny all day long, and light from 7am to 9pm, to about 70 degrees, partly cloudy, foggy in the mornings, and dark at 6pm. There's a cool breeze now; a sweater is needed. I welcome this weather. So. Cal has so little weather. It's pretty much sunny and hot most of the year, which is nice if you can spend everyday laying out at the beach, but even then I prefer seasons. That's one thing I miss about NC, the change of seasons. I look forward to the fall wardrobe of boots, sweaters, hats... and to the change in activities to football games, movies in front of the fireplace, trips to the pumpkin patch, the leaves changing colors and floating down to be raked up into piles for leaping into, and schoolkids walking in crosswalks with packbacks & lunchboxes, oh so ready to learn.

Yes, school is back in session.

I spent $300 dineros at Walmart on school supplies, lunchbox goodies, and a new fall wardrobe for my cutie pie. It's not a lot of money in the big scheme of things, but it is still $300 dollars that I now don't have. It's worth it though, to see her dressed for her new and exciting 3rd grade class. And did I mention how awesome her teacher is, Ms. Snow? I mean how could you go wrong with a Ms. Snow?! She's lived in our little Mayberry town for years and years, a local. She's sweet yet stern, and when she looks at you she smiles and looks you in the eye with a mixture of I'm the boss, but I care deeply about your child and welcome her to my wonderful world of learning. She's just so perfect & exactly the kind of person we both interact with so well.

My little one's 3rd grade endeavor is off to a fabulous start and seems to be a pleasant change for both of us. Summer was nice, but since I worked all of it with no playtime, it was less than relaxing for me. The past 2 months have been a bit lax w/no real schedule or structure in place. And now, we have one - an evening routine, a bedtime, a wake-up time, a morning routine.... oh so lovely to have a little structure:)

I am so looking forward to the days we have together this fall! Change is good;)