LoLo's Loft

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The guy in the cubicle next to mine...

... he's new to the position, and as it works here, new to the cubicle area. He talks a lot. Really, a lot. The guy who's training him, he 's not as bad, but he hacks stuff up all the time. Seriously, hacks away every. day. It's a lovely sound. He seems to have cleared whatever it was that was stuck in the depths of his esophagus for the past 6 months, finally. But now we have Mr. Chatty. He's gone on for hours now about the bands he's just seen, is planning on seeing, or hopes he'll see someday in the future if he calls the radio station enough times & wins. J/K about that last part, the radio part. And really, I love bands and seeing live music. It's awesome. Maybe it's not what he's saying but how he's saying it that's grating on me. What I wonder is how he's learning a thing in his training session. I don't think I've heard him say one thing about the actual work he's learning and will have to do all on his own in a week. He's a nice kid, but I sincerely hope his shift starts after mine is over!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pagha a.k.a - Grandpa (in little grand kid language)

We're going to the races on Sunday. They're honoring my grandfather who was the "most winningest trainer in history". We'll be up in the Director's Room where we get the "star treatment". Last time we were there I saw stars... Rebecca Romijn w/her BF Jerry O'Connell. My grandmother gives the trophy to the winners and we all go down to the Winner's Circle to have our picture taken. It's kinda embarrassing. All those people are watching. They usually announce something about the family of Mr. Whittingham, but it's just a weird thing. My mom loves it and forces all to go down there every time. It is special though for us to have such awesome memories and so many people to share his life and accomplishments with. He's in the Horse Racing Hall of Fame too. He's a legend in the horse racing business, but if you don't know racing, you'd have no idea who he is. He's all of the grand kid's hero. We all respect him and love him so much. He was just a grandpa to us though, nothing fancy. He sang us Irish jigs and told us jokes and pulled his finger off, how'd he do that? Magic! He was an amazing person, and we miss him. So even though we'll be dragged down to the Winner's Circle against our will, we'll still all be honored to be there to represent our hero, our grandpa, and we'll do it again and again.

Miss you Pagha!