LoLo's Loft

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Okay, so I lied. The inspiration did not show up. No new song. Nothing creative has shown up for me for what seems like the longest time now. It's okay though. I have been focusing on my home life, my daughter, my relationship, and how to get us all on the same wave length. Plus we got a new puppy, Indiana, who's the cutest thing ever but a real rascal as well. She takes a lot of our energy at night. By the time she's calmed down and my girl's settled in bed for the night, A and I have nothing left. That's probably around 9:30 or 10. Then we sit on the couch and watch one of our shows we've Tivo'd, as I dose off somewhere in the middle of it. It takes a lot to run a household and work full time. I just keep saying "it's a work in progress, we're a work in progress".

In the meantime, I have not been out to do a thing in months. It's all about the home life. My girlfriend invited me out to a club to see her man and his band play. I thought maybe, possibly, I'd get a second wind, put the little one to bed, get ready, and show up. But that did not happen. What happened instead was this:

Picked up my girl at my mother's.
Went to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner.
Met A at home.
Chased and tackled puppy around the house w/my daughter's right leg permanently attached to Indiana's teeth, screams and hollers filling the house.
A got the firewood.
More chasing of dog.
Put groceries away.
Clean up of pee on couch, on rug, in hall.
A started the fire.
More screams from little one as dog chases and nips her ankles.
A starts dinner.
Computer time for me & the wee one for her Girl Scout International Day coming soon.
Help w/preparation of dinner.
A battles w/dog who insists on chewing on the sleeve of his jacket hanging up in the dining room.
Little one catches pup in mid pee on rug, commands "Outside!" & takes pup out to pee.
Pup comes in full of fresh energy and fiest.
Pup goes to kitchen.
We 3 humans eat our dinner & watch America's Funniest Home Videos.
Little one goes to bed.
Pup, finally calm, comes out to sleep on couch.
A and I watch the middle portion of "Rome" which I fell asleep in the night before.
Pup, and grown ups to bed by 11:30.

And now, we get to do it all again today.

Wonder how the show was?

Wonder why I don't feel so creative lately...