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Monday, October 01, 2007

Good News, furniture, pooches & Russian tea cakes

It seems the slump, funk, pity party did not last long! Yea!

I'm not sure if it is due to the inspirational CDs I've been listening to, my own efforts to buck up, the new season moving in, or that A has been a total angel every day. What I do know is that things feel just right, right on track, a-okay, and hunky-dory to be as cheesy as I can possibly be!

We had a great weekend. We cleaned and organized and A put together the new TV stand on Saturday. It looks so nice and made our living room look so open. We had kinda a jumble of cords and wires and electronics stacked up on each other on top of side tables next to the TV. Now it's all hidden in a TV stand cabinet made for guess what? Your TV and TV paraphernalia! Who woulda guessed? All I can say is WOW what a difference. We have plans for nice cabinets to line the walls so we can hide all of our clutter and display only the chosen pieces behind glass doors. We don't have the money quite yet and are planning on asking for IKEA gift cards for Christmas to help us purchase our new living room. Next is a decent couch. If I had any idea how to post PICTURES, I'd show you the 2 furniture type thingys masquerading as couches right now and you'd understand. One is actually a once nice futon that kills our backs and makes my legs ache if I sit there for too long. It's missing a support bar on the left side so there's an awkward hole where the cushion sinks in. If the last person to reach the couch decides to sit w/the other 2 peeps who scored the supported spots at the other end of the couch, he/she just has to position her ass just right so it fits in snugly and it can be tolerated. The other couch is an old IKEA sofa bed. It's more comfy and has real cushions and no holes, but it became the couch the animals abused so nobody likes to sit there despite the charming throws and decorative cushions I've strategically placed to hide the said pet abuse. It is a pale avocado green with some large dog bone grease stains on the bottom cushions. The arms have been malled by two kitties who I refuse to declaw because it's SO cruel (trust me I know, but that's a story for another time). And if you feel something lumpy under your bum, no worries, it's most likely just a half eaten bone or chew toy that's been buried by the pooch for a future snack. She's very resourceful that way.

Anyhoo, Sunday we watched NASCAR. Greg Biffle won which is cool, but we were hoping for Gordon or Jimmy Johnson. But Biffle's a good driver. Congrats to him! I napped off & on throughout the race. A & I even made some time for a quick extra curricular activity before my little one came home from her dad's. Then we had an amazing steak dinner, au gratin potatoes, & green beans, and for dessert... homemade pumpkin bread pudding. Yum!

The pooch is in heat. She's been yelping and whining and bleeding. We have to keep her either in her crate or in the kitchen so she doesn't bleed all over everything. I feel bad for her but we couldn't get her in for an appointment at the vet until 2 weeks from now. I tried the Humane Society too and they're taking appointments for December right now - 2 months away! Jeesh. Anyhow, it has been a little hard to relax with the pooch squealing and having to take her in and out on her leash every half hour and in and out of the kitchen, not to mention cleaning the kitchen floor periodically throughout the day. Pets are fun. Hehe. No really we lover her but um, she's just a lot of work.

I've been reading a lot of blogs as I said in below post because it's so slow at work. I have favorites that I read everyday but here's a few of my new faves -

Off to buy snacks @ for the 1st Girl Scout meeting of the year - Russian Tea Cakes! Can't go wrong with those!


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