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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I woke up this morning groggy and not wanting to get out of bed. But I forced myself to by at least the 4th time the alarm went off:) And as usual I got my little one up (only took me 2 tries this morning), and got her breakfast while I thought she was getting dressed. Instead I walked into her room and found her slumped over her new clothes with the scissors in one hand and tags in the other. I said, "Hey, you better hurry it up." She then threw the scissors on the floor, followed by her clothes, and then w/a scowl on her face she slumped over even further. I said, "What's wrong? Do you need help?" She didn't answer so I picked them up and finished cutting off the tags. We are not Morning People.

But by the time she was dressed and full from breakfast she was in a much perkier mood and she looked adorable in her new clothes. After I drop her off at school I come home and get myself ready for work. I drank my coffee, watched TV and then headed to the bedroom to get myself together. I have to be really quiet so I don't wake A since he doesn't have to get up as early as I do. And by the time I head out the door with my second cup o coffee, I feel pretty optimistic about my day. I hop up into my new car and pull out of the driveway thinking life is good.

Do you know how much it means to me to have a moment like that?! To actually breathe in and feel like my life is pretty good?! That is major. I have been struggling for so long in so many different areas in my life and for once, things are settled, the struggle has subsided.



Now I have more to give to others. I haven't had much in me. I was spread so thin for way too long. I'm 35 and I feel like I'm 85. Not no more! I will eat granola, and go for walks, and go to my new Dr. because I now have a PPO - no more HMO crappy crap from the doctors who have been no help to me for the last 2 years! And I can be more loving towards my loved ones, my A, my C, my friends, heck - myself!


  • At 5:16 AM, Blogger HAR said…

    This was a pleasure to read. Good for you! I can relate to this post on many levels. I hope your good feelings continue.


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