LoLo's Loft

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Well it's been a long while since I've written. But I have new news:) Guess what! I'm expecting! I am about 3 months along and have been feeling like crap for most of it. But we're all super excited. C & A are both hoping for a boy and none of us can wait to find out. I'm told we may get lucky and be able to see what sex it is on my next ultrasound which is next week but usually they can't tell until about your 5th month. Ugh! We will try to be patient but it won't be easy. A has started to clean out our 3rd room which is his computer/Lego room. He's made a lot of progress. Soon we'll be able to fit a crib, changing table, and baby toys in there:)

Both of our families are really happy for us. Of course it wasn't quite planned but I was secretly wishing for it for about a year now. I was worried that I'd be too old if I didn't get preggers soon or there would be complications because of my age. So now I am overjoyed to be sick to my stomach all day every day, tired as hell all day every day, and moodier than ever all day every day. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

A is looking into doing some freelance work so that I can stay home with my 2 kiddies soon. I'm not due until January so we're hoping by the time I go on maternity leave he'll have his freelance business up and running. And if it works out he'll actually bring in more by working 1 day a week then I'm bringing in by working 40 hours a week. How awesome will that be?!! We need good vibes, blessings, prayers, chants, whatever you can give:)