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Monday, June 25, 2007

My Little Gypsy

My little one is going to be a travelling gypsy this summer.

She took off for her first journey yesterday with her 5 y.o. cousin, Ethan. She was so excited. She couldn't wait for him and his family (my big sister, my brother-in-law, my niece, my two nephews, the dog, and the lizard) to pull up and cart her & her cargo off to the beach for 5 days. She was all packed and ready well before they arrived. She packed her favorite t-shirts & shorts, her bathing suit, 7 pairs of underwear (she thought she may need extras for after swimming, etc. - smart thinking!), her toiletries, crocs, (and at my insistence some flip flops & some tennis shoes. She lives in those crocs, some other options might be good...), sweats, pj's, and her favorite stuffed animals. She took her bike & her scooter so she and Ethan could zip around the beach harbor, the park, or the neighborhood. She even packed her lunchbox with a few snacks to eat on the ride down. She was prepared. And honestly, when they pulled up she was out the door without much of a goodbye to momma. It's okay though because I would rather have her off having fun this summer and not worrying about a thing except for which shovel & pail to use for the sand castle she's building. Here's what my sister has planned for the week... bicycling @ the park, swimming slipping & sliding @ the water park, the beach, the fair, and maybe even Legoland.

When she comes home on Thursday she will have about 3 days before she is off on her next summer excursion to Texas with Poppa & Step mom. I don't know what they have planned but I do know it will be over the 4th of July and I'm sure Texas has some great festivities in store. Plus her Step mom has a huge family and lotsa friends. They eat fun stuff too, lots of BBQ and homemade cakes & goodies. She'll have a great time I'm sure.

Next stop - Beach again. Once she has her 10 or so days in Texas she will be back for a day or two and then she's off to the beach again. This time w/Grandma. She will stay w/grandma & grandpa at their condo and they'll all visit as much as possible w/my mom's best friend & her family in town w/their daughter who's 1 year older than mine. They always have so much fun and usually a little trouble too.

Journey #4 - Road Trip! This is the trip I actually get to participate in. Hooray! We have planned a road trip to Portland for my sister's wedding. We're driving straight up in the middle of the night to be up there in time for the wedding festivities. It's in a national park and sounds like it will be beautiful, touching, and fun. I'm so excited for my sis! We will stay up there for 2 days and then slowly make our way down to LA. We're stopping in these fine places: my birth town -Trinidad/Arcata, Mendocino, Monterey Bay, Big Sur, San Fransisco, and Hearst Castle. And who knows where else we'll decide to drop by as long as time permits.

Funny thing is - my little gypsy will still have a full month and a half at home once all her travels are over, to play in the sprinkler take the dog to the park, and have sleep-overs with friends.

Ah, summer. Can I be 10 again?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I woke up this morning groggy and not wanting to get out of bed. But I forced myself to by at least the 4th time the alarm went off:) And as usual I got my little one up (only took me 2 tries this morning), and got her breakfast while I thought she was getting dressed. Instead I walked into her room and found her slumped over her new clothes with the scissors in one hand and tags in the other. I said, "Hey, you better hurry it up." She then threw the scissors on the floor, followed by her clothes, and then w/a scowl on her face she slumped over even further. I said, "What's wrong? Do you need help?" She didn't answer so I picked them up and finished cutting off the tags. We are not Morning People.

But by the time she was dressed and full from breakfast she was in a much perkier mood and she looked adorable in her new clothes. After I drop her off at school I come home and get myself ready for work. I drank my coffee, watched TV and then headed to the bedroom to get myself together. I have to be really quiet so I don't wake A since he doesn't have to get up as early as I do. And by the time I head out the door with my second cup o coffee, I feel pretty optimistic about my day. I hop up into my new car and pull out of the driveway thinking life is good.

Do you know how much it means to me to have a moment like that?! To actually breathe in and feel like my life is pretty good?! That is major. I have been struggling for so long in so many different areas in my life and for once, things are settled, the struggle has subsided.



Now I have more to give to others. I haven't had much in me. I was spread so thin for way too long. I'm 35 and I feel like I'm 85. Not no more! I will eat granola, and go for walks, and go to my new Dr. because I now have a PPO - no more HMO crappy crap from the doctors who have been no help to me for the last 2 years! And I can be more loving towards my loved ones, my A, my C, my friends, heck - myself!